You are not perfect, and neither are we.

Dullboy want's people to embrace the imperfection in their lives and in themselves. It is okay to not always feel okay. That's life. Everyone has their own problems to face. But its fine to not always have plans or the goal to become the next big thing. Ignore the "perfect" lives you see on Instagram.

Just enjoy the time you spend with your friends & family. And create some beautiful, imperfect stuff along the way. ♥

What inspires us

Dullboy takes its influences from a lot of different artists spread over many different genres. Kid Cudi, Kaws, Piet Parra, 44phantom, Fred again, Tyler the creator, the Weeknd. Just to name a few.

The most important part to us is that we feel like it's part of the same culture and community that we are building. These artists tell a story that we identify with, and want to build up on.

Created in my bedroom, Produced in Europe

We only create products that we would be proud to wear or have ourselves. Quality, next to design, are the most important aspects to us. We don't want you wearing our clothes for a few months. But for many years. Next to that we try to create these products as eco-friendly as we possibly can. And we will keep working on this in the future.